1) How long do the oil change and car wash service take?
The oil change takes about 30 minutes and so does the car wash with exception to the VIP service which takes about 40 minutes.

2) Do you guys do oil changes on all vehicles (foreign, domestic, etc..)? How about motorcycles?
We do oil changes on every car, make, model, and year, including BMW's and Mercedes, except for Porsches,Ferrari's,Lamborghini's, jaguar's, and any other high end vehicle. Simply put, if you do not see your vehicle in the dropdown then we do not do oil changes on. Unfortunately we do not do yet do oil changes or car washes on on motorcycles or rv's.

3) Can you guys top off my other fluids and check my tires?
We strive to provide the best customer service around that's why we made topping off of others fluids and checking your tires complimentary with every service.

4) What do I get with my oil change?
Our price covers up to 5 quarts of oil (extra quarts subject to additional fees), oil filter, and a complimentary top off of all of your fluids and check of all of your tires. We are always open to new ideas and comments so feel free to write us at support@touchandgoservices.com .

5) What oil do you guys use?
We use valvoline oil but feel free to request any other brand you would like in your vehicle (additional fees may apply.)

5) Do you guys change my filter every time?
Yes, we do. We are required by law to change your filter every time.

6) You guys did an awesome job! Where can i leave a review?
Thank you so much! we take pride in our work. Check us out on yelp, google, & also facebook!

7) How do I know to trust Touch & Go on-site Oil change & Car wash?
We are licensed, incorporated, insured, and bonded so If anything does happen, don't you worry, we will try our very best to get the problem fixed and get you back on the road.

8) How many miles should I go in-between oil changes?
Please reference your car owner's manual as in recent technological advances, modern vehicles have been known to go longer than the 3,000 mile standard interval.

9) When should I upgrade to the synthetic blend or full-synthetic?
Everyone has their personal preference or opinions but we here at, Touch and Go services, upgrade to the synthetic blend in our vehicles at around 50,000-65,000 and to full-synthetic at around 75,000-95,000 to ensure our vehicles last a very long time.

10) Is it bad to change from full-synthetic to synthetic blend?
Some vehicles require only full-synthetic oil from the factory but if this does not apply to your vehicle and you want to change oil types feel free to do so. You can also downgrade (though highly not recommended).

11) What if something went wrong with my car after my oil change?
Please call our 24/7 member hotline service at (714) 343-7061 and we will work with you to fix whatever problem that has arised.